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With regard to age, the motivation Love, Casual Sex and Ease of Communication were positively related to age.

Finally, Tinder motivations were meaningfully related to offline encounters with Tinder matches.

Notably, the findings call for a more encompassing perspective on why emerging adults use Tinder.

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Quite frankly, they are busting out of their The odd thing here is that the Dutch haven’t always been tall. Those tiny doors and quaintly low ceilings were indeed for tiny people. After all, aren’t there all sorts studies on the positive correlation between height and success? Tall Dutch people continually smack themselves on doorways, scratch the tops of their heads on ceilings, and get their lanky legs caught in each others lanky legs while simply trying to walk down the street!

All of these of course play a role, but I’ll put my money on the big D. Have you seen I bet you’re thinking that Dutch people must then all have it easy, in their lofty towers of height superiority. Noooo, as we speak the tireless lobbyist group It ain’t easy being tall.

Although the smartphone application Tinder is increasingly popular among emerging adults, no empirical study has yet investigated why emerging adults use Tinder.

Therefore, we aimed to identify the primary motivations of emerging adults to use Tinder.

In sum, the study showed that emerging adults have six primary motivations to use Tinder and that these motivations differ according to one’s age and gender.

Tinder should not be seen as merely a fun, hookup app without any strings attached, but as a new way for emerging adults to initiate committed romantic relationships.


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