Expiration dating of multidose vials

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CDC and the One & Only Campaign urge healthcare providers to recognize the differences between single-dose and multiple-dose vials and to understand appropriate use of each container type. Do you have enough supplies to ensure safe injections? syringes, appropriate medications in right-sized vials when possible, personal protective equipment such as gloves and facemasks) should always be available.Is your medication preparation area separate from the patient care area?A: When we wrote our position paper, our communication indicated that staff were to follow their own hospital policy.

As a result of these incidents, patients have suffered significant harms, including death.Following basic safe injection procedures is not something to take for granted — there is too much at stake. There has been much more attention recently on multidose vials, particularly the expiration date of these vials, especially from regulatory organizations such as CMS and The Joint Commission. Dolan, RN, MS, CIC, from the Department of Epidemiology at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO, and lead author of “APIC position paper: Safe injection, infusion, and medication vial practices in health care.” This Q&A accompanies an article published in the September issue of Briefings on Infection Control.Are you purchasing the safest available medication?Think about safety when you re-supply clinic medications.Prior to discarding it though, contact your Iinfection Preventionist, as they may want the vial to culture it for microorganisms.It would be helpful to have one evidence-based recommendation for discarding used multi-dose vials that healthcare personnel and surveyors can both utilize.Tubersol and Aplisol multi-dose vials are good for 30 days after opening and will be dated upon opening.All multi-dose vials will be discarded if there is any suspicion of improper storage or handling, or if there is obvious deterioration or contamination.While limiting MDVs to single patients is the safest option, FDA-approved manufactured MDVs may be used for multiple patients provided that safe injection practices are followed and the vial is restricted to a central medication area.Knowing how to properly identify single-dose and multiple-dose vials will prevent infections and can save lives.


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