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I think you are better off waiting for GW2 to be released than to imagine that a change of this magnitude will be implemented into Guild Wars.--There are also scaling issues.Weapon damage scales with level and weapon mastery rank, armor respecting skill damage scales with level and armor ignoring damage doesn't scale at all.Level 25: 400k Level 30: 800k Level 35: 1.6m Level 40: 3.2m Level 45: 6.4m You might think that that is way too much xp. Possibly -15 of the current level once you are past 20? o Level 25: 400k o Level 26: 480k o Level 27: 575k o Level 28: 650k o Level 29: 730k o Level 30: 800k The chances that the level cap is going to change at this late date are slim to none, for one thing it would mean completely reworking the entire game dynamics in both normal mode and hard mode.

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Although, with the high Level Cap increase for the Base Max level, most people would be content. Level 5: 11k Currently Level 10: 40k Currently Level 15: 82k Currently Level 20: 140600k Currently With the increase: o Level 5: 25k o Level 10: 50k o Level 15: 100k o Level 20: 200k So every 5 levels is x2 of the last.

This would rack up fast and give more depth to the game. Also, there would be greater attribute gains than the ones now.

Toastisimo , 6 August 2008 (UTC) After I bought my husband the game of the year upgrade and a couple others, I noticed that he didn't have some of the bonus items I have, which in turn, has made it a lot more challenging for me when I play his account.

I'm not too sure I'd like to dish out another lump sum of money just to get an hourglass staff (I really like that staff) for him, but I do like the option of getting one for his account should I take the easy route. I think it's more interesting to see him with weapons I can't have and vice versa.

Cons: Level 20's would have to have their levels lowered if the last part of the suggestion was created.

Two: Increase the Base Max Level by 10/ 15/ 20, and give players who have purchased Eye of the North another 10, while also Slowing XP Gain/Raising XP.

Mith Talk , 1 August 2008 (UTC) I would love to be abel to get some of the continent exclusive stuff, like Hogs glutony from Japan-pre-order (i think it was), the system has been pretty unfair in terms of what countries have had access to witch items...

this idea could sort it and A-net could make more money!

-- Gordon Ecker , 2 August 2008 (UTC) Even D&D had epic levels, but they worked in a different way than the previous 20 levels.

I would agree with more levels if they worked in a different way than the previous ones, for example, if they added a 'Pv E skills' attribute, and each level earned some points to apply to that rank.


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