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Sadly, that's pretty much the way life went for gay men until the Internet came along.After that, of course, the landscape changed pretty quickly.

Sadly, that's pretty much the way life went for gay men until the Internet came along.

I have become more open when it comes to selecting who to ask out on a date.

Every date teaches me something new about what I have to offer a potential partner, as well as what's important to me in a long-term partnership.

By the mid-1990s, we were meeting not in public spaces but online - in private chat rooms and, within a few years, through dating sites.

Needless to say, this made the getting-to-know-you process much, much safer (though not necessarily easier).

In other words, even though digital devices make meeting and hooking up easier than ever, finding a long-term relationship can still be quite difficult.

And with gay marriage now legal nationwide -- hurrah for the Supreme Court -- the thinly veiled line between casual sex and serious dating is more important than ever.

It's crucial not to judge your date before you have a conversation with them and get to know them.

Remember you made the decision to meet this person, so leave judgments at home. Kim Rosenberg, Founder/CEO of Mixology - Matchmaking with a Twist, got her start in the industry working several years at a prominent international matchmaking company.

Before founding my company, Mixology, I worked as a matchmaker in the D. I hear all the time: "dating is so hard," "I feel like I know everyone," "I am so picky." There are so many reasons why LGBT matchmaking is crucial in today's world.

In past years, we've relied on dating websites and hook-up mobile apps.


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