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Independent daters love the ability to make their own way without a bunch of fancy-schmancy matching tools getting in the way of a true connection.Mike also prods outdoor enthusiasts toward romance by hosting engaging events.

“There is no created algorithm — though you might say the user creates his or her own algorithm.” The dating site brings like-minded people together and lets them take it from there.

Luv Byrd suggests certain matches (in the Connections tab) based on specific criteria, but it mostly leaves users to their own devices in the dating scene.

” Luv Byrd profiles are in-depth assessments of an individual’s personality, interests, and experiences.

Free-form sections invite users to fill in the blanks on prompts like “My craziest outdoor adventure was” and “What’s the one thing on your bucket list you’d like to try tomorrow?

“What I wanted to do with Luv Byrd is give everyone an opportunity to connect with whomever,” Mike said, adding that he didn’t think restrictive algorithms were the way to go. He figured his users are the best authority on what they want, so he lets them decide which search parameters to prioritize.

“With Luv Byrd, you create your own search for your partner,” he explained.Luv Byrd has a presence in every state in the US, but by far its strongest foothold is in Colorado where the mountains attract many outdoorsy folks.Mike lives in Colorado, and he has grown the site primarily through word of mouth and local networking.Networking with your fellow adventurers is easy and fun on Luv Byrd, a Colorado-based dating site full of outgoing singles who enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, and boating.With no algorithms to force matches, the platform encourages active daters to meet more organically based on their own personal preferences.“We want our users to connect with someone who enjoys the same activities as they do,” Mike said.“Luv Byrd lets users know right away what they enjoy doing in the outdoors!Local groups and frequent events help daters break the ice in a community centered around a love of outdoor activities.If you want to reach the summit of dating success, joining Luv Byrd is a good first step to an adventurous first date.As a result, about 60% of Luv Byrd users hail from Colorado.The dating site is always growing and changing alongside its members and has pioneered outdoor dating in 12 countries worldwide.


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