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Our guests notice the main regularity: traditions in Ukraine are closely connected with the everyday, calendar and religious life. Like in many nations, a lot of Ukrainian traditions and events were connected with the agricultural calendar.Harvest songs, Christmas carols or merry songs to meet the spring have accompanied the seasonal works since long ago.It was impossible to work hard without household magic rituals and to rest without masquerades, entertainments or ritual greetings and going round.

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Ukrainian traditions, living and rather interesting folk heritage has been formed for many centuries.

That is why despite our culturoligic European status and relatively short history of state we can take care of the spiritual continuity and we know well our native unwritten laws – the Ukrainian customs and traditions.

And the young couple really respects the parents – they bow from the waist to them after receiving round bread with salt.

Generally speaking, the ceremony of marriage is called here “fun” (‘veselye’) – it is real fun!

It is a big sin to refuse the title of a godparent.

A traditional Ukrainian crosswise haircut is performed at the first anniversary of birth.The Ukrainian omens are brought together with the Orthodox ones in these ritual actions.Traditions in Ukraine are connected with the Old-Ukrainian heathen attributes.Nowadays the Christmas Ukrainian customs include fortune-telling and addressing to the natural forces.Just before the Old New Year (January 13) children and teenagers still go round carol-singing.There is one more old Ukrainian tradition connected with the turn of the sun – January 7 (now – Christmas).Long time ago people used to tell fortunes in that winter time.The pregnant women are not recommended to meet the sick persons, look at the snakes or have their hair cut, sew or cut, buy something for a future child.The less people know about the future pregnancy – the better.It is our pleasure to share the merry Ukrainian customs with the guests of our country, invite them to celebrate Maslenitsa (Pancake Week) or Ivana Cupala holiday, give very beautiful wedding songs, amulet or embroidered towel, raise the glass of vodka or wine and offer a round loaf of bread or treat the guests with the delicious ritual food – pancakes, kollyva or Easter cake.And to share the joy of unity of the countries, times and people.


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