Gwibber twitter not updating

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Taking the install option brings us to a screen where we're asked whether we would like to apply any available updates and if we would like to install third-party software.This optional third-party software includes packages for playing multimedia (such as Flash videos and mp3 files) and it also includes proprietary hardware support.This feature is enabled by default, but can be turned off through the distribution's settings panel.

Gwibber twitter not updating

The dust is starting to settle in the wake of the latest Ubuntu release from Canonical.

The Ubuntu distro and its various community projects are used the world over and a new release always turns heads.

This past week I took the latest release from Canonical, Ubuntu 12.10, for a spin.

One characteristic of Ubuntu's I have appreciated for some time is the ability to turn on accessibility features while the installer is running.

There are options for turning on screen reading and high contrast graphics along the top of the screen.


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