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"That was the moment when it changed, when he realised, 'Uh-oh, we see the world differently.' He didn't care about those awards." Williams spoke late last year for the first time about his death, calling herself "a member of a shitty club" of women in the same position and said that it won't ever be right that Matilda doesn't have her father around.Ledger's father Kim spoke out last summer to say that the actor was responsible for his own death, but that hasn't stopped the rumour mill churning online and the documentary positions itself to deal with the many unanswered questions around the actor's death, including why someone with so much going for them could sink so deeply into addiction.Check out what she had to say ahead, and to see the full interview with Michelle, buy the latest issue of Porter, which hits stands on Dec.

It also features interviews with those who knew him best, including musician Ben Harper, director Ang Lee and the actor's sister, Kate. Ledger died on a freezing January afternoon, just after lunch.

That figure had been steadily revised upward throughout the latter half of 2008, as the Dark Knight took up an extended residency in the box office penthouse.

Ledger had now managed the crossover from art house weepy - Brokeback Mountain - to multiplex behemoth, and was probably the hottest young property in Hollywood.

Luckily, Michelle has the support of close friend Busy Philipps, whom she shares a hilarious (or hilariously depressing?

) anecdote about, and is creating plenty of Oscar buzz for her role in Manchester by the Sea.


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