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Scientific America reported that 90% of online daters are less than fully honest with their online profiles. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to overstate their income. Imagine how you would feel if you arranged an online date with someone, and then found out that important details in their online profile were wrong. She doesn’t live on the beach, but on a farm with her mother.If your true intention is to meet someone with whom you might start a relationship, be as honest as you can in your online profile.Don’t cover your face with sunglasses or a wide brimmed hat. You need to show potential mates that you are special. Instead of lists of things you like to do, think about an anecdote which illustrates your personality.

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But the online profile is not the time or the place.

As dating profile tips go, this one particularly is easier said than done. For example, men overestimate their heights by a few inches. Women are more likely to state their ages are lower than the truth.

Similarly, stay away from the real depressing details of your life.

Once you get to know someone, of course you will want to reveal information about things like your divorce.

Write a description that stays off the pity pot and out of the gutter.

Focus not just on you but what you are looking for. Scientific research shows that some techniques are actually more successful than others.If you are not satisfied with the results of your online search for love, here are five dating profile tips.In fact, surveys across online dating sites find that this is the number one mistake people make in creating online profiles. If you follow these basic online dating profile tips, you will have no trouble meeting possible love matches.23% of people surveyed by one dating site said they found this kind of language in a profile to be a big turn-off. Take a little time and effort for the ultimate pay off.Choose a photo that you think makes you look your best.Smile, and know that people get better response results with closed-mouth smiles than wide-toothed smiles.Dating profile tips uniformly advise staying away from overly sexual language or innuendo.Unless you are on a site which is specifically focused on hooking up only, including overly suggestive come-ons in your online profile is not a very effective way to get attention.Your potential date will forgive you if you fudge a few pounds in your description.He or she might not be so easy-going about bigger details like children and employment status.


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