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Any time the query cache is checked for a query, the timestamp cache is checked for all tables in the query.If the timestamp of the last update on a table is greater than the time the query results were cached, then the entry is removed and the lookup is a miss.For example, a Query can be executed in this way: or if you’re using JPA with annotations, you can use set Hint(“org.hibernate.cacheable”, true) on a javax.persistence. Note here that you can define your own specially named query cache with set Cache Region instead of the default one.

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The value consists not of the entity field values but just the primary key identifiers for all of the entities returned by the query.

When a query is made that hits the query cache, that set of entity identifiers can be retrieved and then resolved through the first or second level caches instead of retrieving those entities from the database.

But several identifiers for a Person might form a natural key, such as social security number or email address.

If you frequently have a user or external input providing you a natural key for lookup, your normal second level entity cache is NOT helpful because it caches based on primary key.

The timestamp cache keeps track of the last update timestamp for each table (this timestamp is updated for any table modification).

If query caching is on, there is exactly one timestamp cache and it is utilized by all query cache instances.

By default, turning on query caching does not actually cause any queries to be cached.

Instead, Query or Criteria that should be cached must be explicitly marked that way.

The query cache is used to store the result set of a query made against the database.

The key of the query cache contains the query string itself and any bind parameters passed with the query.


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