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Also, I urge him to really find new statistics on what black women are doing from the classroom to the boardroom.What’s the majority in terms of depiction doesn’t mean it’s the true reality. Is he on point or is his opinion on portrayals of black women a little skewed?That is not the type of film that Spike necessarily wants to focus on, right?

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The most prevalent image in ‘urban society’ right now is women like Nene [Leaks].

If there’s a fight that breaks out on “Love & Hip Hop” those people are one every blog, the cover of every magazine the next week.

When you read the responses from Brian White in his recent interview with Shamika Sanders of Hello Beautiful, you’re either going to feel like he’s dropping knowledge, or he’s dropping hate. Brian sat down to talk about his role in the new project, “What My Husband Doesn’t Know,” and being that he is an actor and has worked with Tyler Perry, he was asked why he thinks people are so hard on him, particularly Spike Lee—and that’s when he decided to go in on black women:], is not the one that Tyler picked as the most popular, it’s Tasha!

You have Janet Jackson and Jill Scott; my point is Jill Scott and Janet are huge music stars with huge fan bases, Tasha became the most popular because her character is portrayed the most like “Love & Hip Hop” the most like, “Desperate Housewives of Atlanta,” you might as well switch it around and pop in Nene [Leakes].

The rest of the blacks in the world are like second and third.

There’s no correlation with race, it’s our culture.” At least he backs up what he says by not supporting shows he doesn’t approve of, and you can’t knock the brother’s passion, but I think Brian is absolving Tyler of any obligation to show new images of black people.

“Inside Man” and the stars were Clive Owens, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Denzel Washington and Jodi Foster…

Four huge actors, two white, one known–Denzel and then another amazing British actor people don’t know here.

What’s interesting is we, here, in America connect with that message and get upset at it. If you look at Spike, what is his most successful movie ever?

successful defined by how much money it made versus how much it cost to make.


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