Itouch 1 1 4 error when updating

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As long as you are syncing the i Phone and i Pad (or i Pod touch) to the same copy of i Tunes, you can use one copy of the app on multiple devices. You can log in to the Android app store and redownload any previously purchased apps to your new phone.Yes, as long as you are syncing the i Phone/i Pod to a computer, once the app is downloaded to i Tunes it can be installed on any device synced to that copy of i Tunes. If you downloaded the files directly to your phone rather than to a computer, it is possible that some of the data files have become corrupt, especially if during the download process there were interruptions.I did not find this documented on the Apple web site, or anywhere else on the internet.

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Browse to this link then procede to “”Sibley Android installation instructions”” this will tell you how to download the files and extract to media card. Initially, you do need to connect to the Android Server to verify your license information, but once this is complete this information is cached and the device uses its local cache store for verifying license details.

HOWEVER, the caching can expire (currently set to 2 months) so if you don’t use\open the field guide for more than 2 months, it will want to connect to the server to verify the license details.

Once the app is set up and running it does not need to be connected to a network, all the content resides on the phone.

(But Android phones do need to connect initially and at least every two months to verify the license, see below) Not yet…

Check out my in-depth discussion of this issue elsewhere on this website: link here Playback should be used as little as possible, because it is a disturbance to birds and to other birders.

It is illegal in many parks and refuges, and it is illegal to disturb any threatened or endangererd species. A Nook version and a Blackberry Playbook version are in the works. Versions for i Phone (and i Pad), Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Blackberry are now available.A: You have outdated or multiple copies of the nsp library on your system.Please remove any old files named and nsp (where XX is any two characters or letters).Q08: Message: Unable to find Function address ipl Createlmage Jaehne (or any function starting ipl...).A: You have outdated or multiple copies of the ipl library on your system.You can now email the list from the app to yourself (or anyone else) which is a good idea just so that you have a backup of the data.We are working on a web portal and other improvements to make the list data more useful and accessible.Setting parental controls for i Message is a 2-step process: General and select Restrictions. It seems like they’ll be able to enter their Apple ID to get back in, but those options are actually greyed out and you can’t type into those boxes, which is hard to tell from this screenshot.If you’ve already set up restrictions, you’ll be prompted for the passcode. When their i Message is turned off, a message sent to them will not go through.


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