Joshua harris i kissed dating good bye

Once upon a time, we had held leadership meetings to discuss ministry and how to reach the unloved, and now there were meetings being held in honor of my A-line Easter dress.(Which, for the record, was not the slightest big scandalous or low cut.(The Bible verse, “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,” takes on new meaning.) This creates a divide between ideals and actions that plays out repeatedly in the sex scandals of conservative Christian leaders.

Joshua harris i kissed dating good bye

Even more embarrassing and painful, our divorce followed a couple years after that. After meeting her, I finally read the book and came to appreciate it.

The next thing I knew, leadership was bringing the girls in the group in to scold us about how as ladies it was our job not to make our brothers in Christ “stumble.” (As anyone can attest to, there’s absolutely nothing sexy about high-waisted granny panties, so if the thought of them made any of the guys stumble, there was an issue much deeper going on with them that had nothing whatsoever to do with us.)The final straw for me was one Easter, when I was scheduled to be a greeter, which I did happily and enthusiastically while wearing a new black dress I loved and felt incredibly ladylike in.

According to the leadership team, it was “too low cut” and proved I didn’t have “good discernment in the area of clothing.” The dress caused such a scandal that instead of just coming and talking to me about it directly, they called a leadership team meeting to discuss it.

The attitude about dating and relationships felt particularly stifling.

One day I was planning to carpool with a guy from our singles’ group to a church event in Nashville, and I was harshly reprimanded: “You must do everything you can to avoid the appearance of evil.”I was baffled, and even hurt.


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