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Know who is Theo James girlfriend or wife currently in 2017 plus also know about his dating and relationship life and when he will get married.

James has a sound educational background and a good upbringing.

He can be described as an intelligent actor who knows his craft.

For men, hypermasculinity was the strongest predictor of acceptance of dating violence and inability to recognize warning signs of dating violence.

These findings can be used to inform future interventions to reduce dating violence among college students.

The incredible actor was the singer and guitarist of the fast-rising London-based band. They announced on their Facebook page in November 2012 that they were no longer together as a band.

James shouldn’t be disturbed by this because he was also involved in acting.And at worst, they're a total disaster and nobody gets out alive. Still though, that doesn't mean that when we saw Rob Kearney and Conor Murray were on a double date in Dubai, we absolutely didn't want every single bit of information about the scenario.Joining the lads are of course Derry-born model Joanna Cooper and future pharmacist Jess Redden.At least he can dedicate more time to his acting career. Kearney and James have been dating for quite a long time now and despite rumors that they had separated they still look strong together.Theo is one of Hollywood’s biggies and there is no doubt about that. They duo started dating since 2009 and everything seems to be going well between the duo. Rumors that the Divergent star Theo James was engaged to Ruth Kearney was all over the place.A lot of people know him as an actor but he is not just an actor, but a musician.James has been with the band Shere Khan for quite some time.Both celebrities co-starred in the “Divergent” movie franchise.The two stars gushed about their relationship with each other.He has been featured in many great movies and endorsed by great brands around the world. The superstar made his first million dollars fortune with Divergent and the movie Underworld: Awakening and brand endorsement. This was everyone’s wish I guess because they both look good together.Currently, James has a net worth of million dollars. Their rumored engagement was without a wedding date.


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