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So it was very cool seeing how “So You Think You Can Dance” can open doors for you.BLAST: What was the difference for you going from each week of “So You Think You Can Dance” to the film set of “Fame?

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Comfort was seen in T-Pain's video "Freeze" and in Ludacris's "What Them Girls Like"..m-zeitgeist /* for the IE6 lols */ .m-zeitgeist .m-zeitgeist h2 .m-zeitgeist #att-panes .m-zeitgeist .att-toggle-pane .m-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist #most-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist .zg-date .m-zeitgeist ol li .m-zeitgeist div#att-most-viewed ol li.l1, .m-zeitgeist div#att-latest ol li.l1 .m-zeitgeist ol li.It wasn’t long ago that audiences fell in love with Kherington Payne’s performances on the hit dance series, “So You Think You Can Dance.” After an upsetting vote off toward the end of season four, many fans couldn’t help but wonder what would come next for the bright young dancer.It’s an interesting industry in that regard, where you look at someone like Colin Farrell, who’s a great actor but he’s better at interesting supporting roles and independent roles than he is in, like, they won’t let him do anything else. [That’s] what it’s like until basically I’m 35 and I’m an alcoholic and have real problems to put on screen. Right now I just finished a movie called , which has a dance element. It’s more kind of cathertic for this girl who lost her… Laura Dern is so sweet, and she plays the other girl’s mom. Because the situation is fucked up, what they’re going through, but yeah… It’s a veteran rehabilitation movie, coming of age story and a drama. Kherington Payne, she’s a prolific dancer, and she plays my love interest in the movie… There’s a whole thing where they come up with a plan as kids to do this, and they’re like, “Oh fuck, I’m going to do this,” and the way it spins out of control in the end is fascinating. In finding out more about the film, Blast spoke with Payne on her experience on the set as well as the dancer’s decision to take up acting.BLAST: How did you land this chance in working on the film? KHERINGTON PAYNE: Being on the show, “So You Think You Can Dance” the filmmakers saw me on the show. Do you do a lot of research, or can you just stand there with one hand on a headphone and touch stuff? And now I’ve got another movie coming out, shooting in Vegas. Here, I almost picture a scene – I haven’t read it – but I almost picture a scene where it’s just like, “Alright, we accidentally killed our friend. I admittedly had very little respect DJ’s prior to this movie, and now I have too much respect. He’s so focused because he’s got a terrible home life and it kind of comes out through his DJ’ing. I just finished that one, and Josh Duhamel plays my rehabilitation counselor. Then they agree to hide the body and never talk about this again, and they end up killing each other. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen that movie. 's Andrew Kevin Walker) follows a man who takes a job working for an armored-car company to sabotage their heist. Gary Gray is definitely taking a quantity-over-quality approach. It now includes Kristy Flores, Paul Lacono, Paul Mc Gill, Naturi Naughton, Kay Panabaker, Kherington Payne, Collins Pennie, Walter Perez, and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (whew! The actors range from virtual unknowns to those who were brutally chewed up and spit out by the Disney Channel machine (cough, Kay Panabaker, cough).


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