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Increasingly restless, he embarked upon collaborative projects with KRS-One and Chuck D.

Notably, after his collaboration with DJ Shadow in 2003, a solo record was promised but never materialised, Trent Reznor saying in 2011 that he collaborated with the TARM frontman but the material would never likely see the light of day.

Meanwhile, RATM last performed together in 2011, having scored a UK Christmas Number One in 2009.

Soon, he could no longer cope with his father's fanaticism and chose to move in with his mother full-time.

Within a few years, de la Rocha began to express his feelings of anger and isolation by listening to hardcore punk music, including Minor Threat, Black Flag, and Bad Religion.

In 2001, de la Rocha was recording, on separate occasions, with Roots drummer ?

uestlove and former Company Flow frontman El-P, as well as with producers DJ Shadow, Dan the Automator, Roni Size, and DJ Premier.The photograph played an important role in drawing international attention to the monks’ cause and led to John F Kennedy withdrawing his support for Ngô Đình Diệm’s government. Rather than musical heroes, the sleeve note’s “Thanks For Inspiration” section names activists including Provisional IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands and Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Ian Mac Kaye, Fugazi singer and originator of “straight edge”, is also thanked in the sleeve la Rocha took up smoking, reportedly as a way of sparking up conversations when visiting Mexican rebel group the Zapatistas. No samples, keyboards or synthesizers were used in the making of the record. Tom Morello reportedly created ‘Killing in the Name’s famous riff while teaching a guitar student drop D tuning.De la Rocha's activism took him as far as the floor of the U.N., where he testified against the United States in their treatment of Abu-Jamal.The uncensored version of ‘Killing in the Name’ contains the word “fuck” seventeen times. The original ‘Rage Against The Machine’ demo tape, which was recorded in 1991, was sold by the band for at early gigs. The album’s cover features Malcolm Browne’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of Thích Quảng Đức self-immolating in Saigon in 1963.The Vietnamese Buddhist monk was protesting against President Ngô Đình Diệm’s government’s oppression of Buddhism. Zach de la Rocha was “straight edge” at the time the album was recorded, eschewing all drink and drugs.Before long, he had joined his first high-school band, Hardstance, where he contributed both guitars and vocals.This band later evolved into Inside Out, which would eventually release one album on Revelation Records in 1991. This is about the time when he bumped into Tom Morello, a Harvard-educated political science major and kindred soul in socialist thought.In the '90s he rose to fame as frontman for Rage Against the Machine, and used that pedestal as a catalyst to further his left-wing political beliefs.To understand the motives for de la Rocha's vocal stylings, one must first trace back his philosophical roots. and his father, Belo de la Rocha, was a well-known muralist, famous for his paintings of Zapatista farmers.


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