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As far as Can't You See is concerned, this is how i found out he wrote it.We were playing a gig, which was always without a set list and went with the groove of the show.The first time I heard Marshall Tucker was in my college days. I've seen the "End Of Track" sign in Philly and it makes sense that "The Dog" would slip that reference into the song. I was nick named Nevada Paul by Stewkey the former singer with Todd Rundgrens Band Nazz. I never use the name but am referenced in another comment on here by that name. I am a singer songwriter myself, and know how important it is to own your music.

Supposedly he made some pretty good bank form that gig, he was buying the drinks. I use to go there and play foosball all the time in fact I use to play them on many occasions. hell i don't think someone from philly could even write a song like this. He was powerful , both in performance and personality . [email protected]'s very odd that if you go to u tube and search Jamison Smoothdog Can't You See comes up with Kid Rock Covering it, singing with whats left of the Allman Bros.

We always got along vey well and I really liked him even though he would get a little angry with the alcohol and the diabetes mix once in a while, especially if we were out of food, look out! I remember going into Capri's where there were always a couple of them at the jukebox playing "Can't You See" over and over and saying have you heard this ??? end of storythere seems to be a lot fo bs about this tune... Band..addition to that if you do a google on the name the same video will appear on Skynerd dot com....i do believe, that this is a Jamison Smoothdog Song and which version of the story sold for a hundred thousand or was a studio songwriter and the masters of stuff he wrote ended at Capricorn records..also had photos of him drinking with a very young Greg Allman.....the train run out of track!

One night he trashed the kitchen because we ate his food, he freaked out! I'll never forget those days it was great."I'm pretty sure that Marshall Tucker was either the fellow who owned the old hall that the band used to rehearse at..." That's the story I know, about the band got their name. the only "truth" that matters is what a GREAT song "Can't You See" is and always will be! Toy received another call and got diverted for half a day .. I agree with ms abbie..really all that aside..most endearing signature of the marshall tucker band was that thumb of toy caldwell..cast a tone to that les paul that I have yet to hear from anyone else...great stuff...enjoyed the one brief moment in the CMT show called "southern rock" back in 04...where toy was hammering down on the solo to "cant you see"...was a classic moment indeed... however , " Can't You See " brings me to Collingswood NJ and 1973 . I lived with Jamison , played music with him , made many trips to the Cherry Hill music city store for amps and guitars . Jamison Smoothdog, Jimmy Hendrich Was a neighbor of mine In collingswood where he had His last 2 Collectable stores Before His passing..

I was born in Atlanta and have lived in Georgia all of my life. She continually attempted to lure him back into the relationship. one day she called him and told him to come and get the dog... Played the regent sessions with him and have full knowledge of the song in question . I used to live upstairs from him when I was wanting to be a chef....

Unfortunately Mike the guitar player quit the band right after we got back from New York. and I do believe you wrote "Can't You See" I still play with a lot of great musicians who want to do that song and I always have this story to tell. As for authorship of "Can't You See" I have no clue. Octavia Octavia Blues Band.com, Octavia Blues (facebook) myspace.com/Octavia Blues And Jazzthere sure is alot of yankee bulls--t on here ain't there.

I could go on and on but the last time I saw Jamison, it was at Dobbs, I just happened to go there one night and there he was, sitting at the bar, having a beer, so I sat and we talked, and he told me he had just sold a bunch of his songs to some company in China or Japan? I'm not sure how many believe it but that doesn't matter. Thanks While in college in the early 70's I use see most of if not all the members of Marshall Tucker at Capri's Lounge. toy caldwell wrote the damm song, waylon's version is good, hank jr's version is good, but toy's version is the best. All I can say is he had very strong connections with Electric factory concerts , He did have a girlfriend that was connected there ,and that , none of you out there seem to know . I'm still playing , the venue is an amazing turnabout for me , I still have the juice and remember with mixed emotions my relationship with Jamison .

I remember when I was young, being in the car with my family driving to East Point, Georgia and asking Daddy why East Point was named East Point when it's on the southwest side of Atlanta (right at ATL airport). he was counseled to move out and stay away from her... At that time I was starting a job as a breakfast Line cook top the ttaval lodge in Mt Laural nj (I think)so I had so learn how to cook eggs o I was bringing Him Brakfast Every Morning For about 3 weeks With his selection of toast and came to know a wonderfal person.

I've always remembered his answer and think of my late daddy when I drive through or to there. she was likely to kill him one day if he did not... He told me many stories about the item he had in his store and I brought oters I knew to hear his fantastic versions of many things... Kosinski from collingswood nj and my email is [email protected] - I've been singing this song for 17 years at my gigs and had no idea of the controversy surrounding who actually wrote it.

I remembered what daddy had said about the train track ending in East Point, but the way I thought about the song was more of an abstract way: "all the way to Georgia" just sounding like a far away place. Also, why would a record label buy a song and just give it to an artist, and let him put his name on it? I am not sure where it was possible to squeeze the story in. In the late 60's and 70's everyone had a guitar and was a songwriter.

I also pictured in my mind a train going off the track into the Atlantic ocean. Shame on you again, always trying to rewrite history to show yourselves in a better light. The label could have given him the song and still retained the rights. Last of all, the prices being quoted on here for what Capricorn allegedly paid for this song are outrageous. No one would pay that kind of money for an unproven song. I've heard the Pa stories, but until recently I had never heard the girlfriend/dog story. There is nothing else to say, He would have had to be in high school, and I am pretty sure, his mother would have mentioned to me, this tragic story, that Toy "shared". NO your stories are not boring at all, interesting. No doubt thugh Doug tells many thingsthe song was written by Toy... Some good some bad and some for money while being unknown were caught in shady deals that striped them of a song they wrote.


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