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R., 2013, Highly depleted isotopic compositions evident in Iapetus and Rheic ocean basalts: implications for crustal generation and preservation. W., 2013, Osmium isotope heterogeneity accompanying the formation of a single flow field in the Columbia River Flood Basalt Province.

The composition of the current dwellings of Foxton is illustrated in the pie chart to the right.

It shows that 2% of the houses originate from the 1600s, "9% from the 1700s, 18% from the 1900s, and 7% from the present century".

The occupational consistency of Foxton in the year 1881 was primarily of unknown occupation, as shown in the occupation chart to the left, this was because this sector was made up of women, who at that time the majority of which were unemployed.

The highest specified occupation was Domestic Service or Offices, in which 28 females and 2 males worked.

Tel: 44 (0)1Email: [email protected] I am the academic Head of Analytical Services within the department and manage the LA-ICP-MS facility.

Within Analytical Services, we work on a very wide range of materials and projects, from battery recycling, glass processing and clay analyses to fundamental geological questions. E., 2014, Composition and life cycle of the ancestral South Sandwich Arc: implications for the flow of deep ocean water and mantle through the Drake Passage Gateway. L., 2014, Vestiges of the lost proto-Caribbean Seaway: origin of the San Souci Volcanic Group, Trinidad. Petrogenesis of Cenozoic basalts from Mongolia; evidence for the role of asthenospheric versus metasomatised lithospheric mantle. Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geosystems (G3),3:1, 10.1029/2002GC000320. There were 90 dwellings in Foxton in 1890, although only 67 were occupied, as shown in the ‘Ratio of People per Dwelling 1880 – 2012’ table."During the first two decades of the 20th century, the statistics suggest that despite an increasing population the house numbers continued to fall", as the number of dwellings, from 1890 to 1920, declined by 15 even though the population rose by 64.This is illustrated in the line graph to the left, showing the changing population in Foxton, from 1800 until 2011; when the population reached a high of 478.Population declined at the end of the 19th Century, this is thought to be because people migrated away from "village and agricultural life as new employment opportunities stemming from the industrial revolution lured people away from rural life". Helium isotopes provide no evidence of a primordial component in the mantle source of central Asian Cenozoic basalts. Hafnium isotope evidence for selective mobility of high-field-strength-elements in a subduction setting: South Sandwich Islands.


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