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Even a book outlet was established, yet the over 125-year-old shop has never lost its warm domestic touch; the old family living room upstairs was recently turned into a literary salon.With a rich family history dating back to the Second World War, a roomy top floor attracting artists of all kinds and a success that resulted in the opening of another shop, Vervier’s Au Fil d’Ariane (or ‘The Breadcrumb) could easily be called the Heron’s Walloon counterpart.

Readings are frequently held in an informal atmosphere at the equally charming bar next door, which owner Gert De Bie co-runs.

Look for the difference in the profound expertise of all things beautifully drawn, children’s literature and comic books alike.

Described as a "renowned state aid expert," Till Müller-Ibold has considerable experience of advising private companies and government bodies on state aid issues before the European courts.

A small but nice vinyl record collection was recently added to the mix.

Passa Porta and its biannual festival have become fixtures on the Brussels cultural scene since the bookstore opened its doors 12 years ago.


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