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She dated Gareth Cooke for few years and finally got engaged with him some years later. But this relationship didn't last that long and they split up in 1996.After that she began dating actor Paul Nicholls for a year and this also ended in 1997.I've been quiet as I've been having the best few days of my life in Italy marrying @jackmcmanus. Recalling her engagement recently, the loved-up Martine said: "London's Embankment is one of my favourite places in the world and because it was snowing and there wasn't another soul around, there was something truly magical about it.

After she broke up with actor Paul, she was not rumored to be with anyone for about a year.

However, in 1998, she was found dating Jonathan Barnham.

She remained in love bonding with Jonathan Barnham for about five years.

It was rumored that she was also pregnant during this relationship; however, she was unable to give birth to this child because of miscarriage.

She is also rumored to be in relationship with Jonathan Barnham but she ended her five years relation with him, as he was not the man of trust.

Then she began dating her future spouse somewhere in 2009 and they finally got married on 15th September, 2012.Martine Mc Cutcheon rocked up at the ITV studios today wearing a particularly snazzy pair of sneakers, which feature silver stars on the side and are by none other than Saint Laurent. They're a bit of an investment, but are just as essential as a good pair of heels this season, so follow the link (right) to snap them up.Taylor Swift has also been spotted wearing the very same trainers so you'd better be quick to click!Since then she has made her appearance in various TV shows and as well as in movies. She released her first single named ' Perfect Moment' in 1999. She got lots of fame through this singe as it entered the U. When she was twelve she played in the TV commercial.It was from that time she got interested in acting.In 2000, she finally got her role in the Movie and that was in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Through her acting role she also won several awards. In 2001, she published her first biography and that was Who Does She Think She Is?And this is also followed by another in 2003, Behind the Scenes, The Personal Diary. She had some love affairs before she married Jack Mc Manus.Or prove you've got star power with the help of our edit below. Team yours with tailored black trousers and a crisp white shirt for that fashion editor look.Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting had some love affairs before she married Jack Mc Manus.It seems like her break up with DJ Gareth Cooke was from her extra love affairs with actor Paul Nicholls.Soon after breaking up her engagement with Cooke, she began dating Paul.


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