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Mow, in our Senior year, as graduation approaches, we shall pause a moment to remember Kevin, Although he cannot be with us at this time, a part of Kevin lives on in the hearts of each and every one of us - this very special member of the Class of 1985.LOUIS TRIMQUE On September 27, 1984, Middleborough High School lost a long-time friend, Mr. Mr, Trinque had worked at MHS as head custodian since its opening in 1972.

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I think the notion of PDA and the attention it has attracted-apart from some culture contextual factors e.g.

perhaps in China- is more of a ‘discipline parallelism’ which juxtaposes PDA next to CDA.

Positive discourse analysis: power, solidarity and change.

James Martin, Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses. I recently read James Martin’s article after I was hearing about “Positive Discourse Analysis” here and there.

Therefore, there is always dark or less researched/changed aspects in discourses about –let’s say, gender inequalities- that may/should/could be investigated.

Perhaps more importantly is to ask the question if 'we are allowed to celebrate’ or whether ‘we can be “happy”’ that through the struggles for civil rights and equalities we have achieved so much that now we need to sit back and enjoy.Previously he had been employed at the Independent nail Company and Plymouth Shoe.He graduated from Middleboro Memorial High School in 1948 and served in the Korean War from 1951-1953. Trinque was a life-long resident of Middleborough and he and his wife Shiriey brought up their son, Paul, here. Trinque was often heard talking about his granddaughter, Lindsay, as all proud grandfathers do. His concern for the high school and ail the people involved with it were a shining light in the high school.I am sorry if this is a bit blunt but to me it just seems too self absorbed and hypocritical to self assign credit merely because discourses about those atrocities now incorporate sorrow.Taking the approach to another context, is it not implying that we should celebrate the positive changes in discourse of -for instance- “racial relations” because black people are no longer being lynched or we feel happy because we have become so ‘good’ to feel sorry for victims of Holocaust or that women do not need to take to streets to demand suffrage?As far as I am concerned the article seems to have attracted an undeserving amount of attention for reasons other than its being a seminal rigorous one.As far I can see the article is a call for attention to be paid to “positive” changes in discourses about social problems- with an assumption that the subject matter of Critical Discourse Analysis is necessarily “negative”.It could just be part of the investigation and findings while the focus is on the contemporary problem no matter how trivial it may look compared to its old history.“Positive Discourse Analysis” seems to advocate an approach to capture and explain the “positive” changes as the main research agenda and that is a problem.Let’s make it more clear with a tangible case in Jim Martin’s article and the Australian context, particularly the part where his tone shakes with emotions when seeing how well the ‘feel-sorry’ commemoration catches on among all people.There is no arguing that such a change is a good development for a “white” generation to come to terms with its previous generations’ atrocities against Australian aborigines and feel apologetic about it.


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