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These sites are considered to be the oldest archaeological finds in northern sultanate.Archaeological finds at the sites reveal it to be a settlement and full of cemeteries dating back to the Umm al Nar era.

Coming from a conservative family, she “rejects” the idea of even talking to a guy.

She gives her “stares” of disapproval and gossips with her “similar mentality” friends about those “sluts” that talk with guys.

Sorry for the lull dear readers, I had to take a business trip to London, via Switzerland naturally. Interesting to see the power cuts in MQ & Shatti occuring regularly of late.

Oman may be tendering for more power stations and foreign investment in the power sector, but as electricity is highly subsidised here, I'm curious who is going to pay the market price for that power and give the investors a reasonable return?

So here is the dating scene: In a college, the girl and the boy look for a place that they “think” is invisible to everyone else.

So, they might chose the library and go behind the book shelves. The guy might start touching the girl on her hand, then as the relationship advances, the more touching occurs. The difference is, it is not always love and compassion. However, they are picked up from college by their guys.

Ex-Expatriate who was living in Muscat, Oman, Middle East for too long, but still blogs about the place.

Biased and usually irreverent opinions on life and business goings on in The Sultanate of Oman, a quiet and beautiful country bordering the Indian Ocean.

Don't forget to email me your questions on local aspects of life and culture.

This weeks question: How is the dating scene amongst single young Omanis?


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