Nonverbal communication and dating

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For example, when you first meet a potential partner, they are likely to be vigilant and cautious of you as a stranger (they will have a prevention focus).So, your first persuasion strategies will be centered around making them comfortable, getting them to like you, and getting their “guard down”.

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Later in the relationship, after “safety” and “liking” are established, the relationship can be moved forward.

The potential partner usually feels safer and more adventurous at this point (signaling a shift to a promotion focus). At that point, requests for dates, phone numbers, and further courtship becomes much more likely.

They found that requests were more successful when individuals tailored their body language to the regulatory focus of the other person.

In other words, when trying to persuade someone with a cautious “prevention focus”, it is better to use reserved and quiet body language of your own (what they called vigilant nonverbal style).

In other words, what types of body language led others to answer “yes”.

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Unfortunately, as many of you may have experienced, getting a yes can be challenging.

So, in the beginning of a social interaction with a new partner (e.g.

a meeting, approach, etc.), remember that they are most likely cautious (prevention focused).

This will support your verbal persuasion efforts to make them feel comfortable and like you.

You will know you’ve “won them over” when your partner’s body language begins to change. They will lean in to you more, make more eye contact, and smile. At this point, they have switched to a promotion focus.


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