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But the story alone isn’t exactly a deal breaker when it comes to making boardroom decisions.It’s more significant that our long history of flight means we know how to ‘talk aviation’.For example, Ireland offers a tax depreciation on aircraft of 12.5% per year over an eight-year period.

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Depending upon how we read its closing sentence, Robert was here either playing for time (merely pretending not to have received the letters of safe conduct promised by the King and duly entered on the Patent Roll with a date at Durham on 8 January), or had genuinely failed to receive these letters at the time that his reply was written. Coxe (4 vols., London, 1842), iii, 353, 'quod vix duo municipia, id est Muntsorel et aliud quod fuit Roberti de Ros in Eboracensi prouincia, in potestate baronum remanserunt', specifically referring to Robert de Vieuxpont as one of the royalists newly entrusted with rebel castles seized in the far north.

For the conducts reported in the chancery rolls, see that to Robert himself (RLP, 163b, issued at Durham on 8 January, set to run from 8 to 22 January, and another to Robert's son, William (RLP, 163b), already issued at Thirsk on 5 January, due to run from 6 January to 2 February. For Carlisle, in the hands of Robert de Vieuxpont long enough for Robert to have effected repairs there by 7 February 1216, see RLC, i, 247b, as noted by J. Holt, The Northerners: A Study in the Reign of King John, (2nd edn., Oxford, 1992), 134, at p.132 nonetheless confusing later collaboration between the canons of Carlisle and Alexander of Scotland (following Alexander's seizure of Carlisle in August 1216) with the events of the previous winter.

For SAS, having an Irish AOC means it plays by labour laws here, which are comparatively favourable to employers than the much stricter rules in Sweden. It’s interesting that one of the main objections to granting Norwegian’s Irish subsidiary access to the US market was over fears that Ireland was being used to skirt labour laws.

Bilateral agreements A key selling point of an Irish AOC is that it grants airlines access to the clatter of bilateral agreements Ireland has struck up with other regions around the globe.

It also reveals something of the formality governing correspondence between King and rebels.

The King himself offers veiled threats to Robert's constable (no.1), and a deliberate slight to Robert himself, greeted (no.2) not with the customary salutation 'with friendship' or 'in the Lord', but merely 'as you deserve'.Those Irish-registered jets will be based in London and Spain for use on “a small number of departures to complement existing services” that SAS operates, according to a statement on the airline’s website.Of course, SAS won’t be the first foreign airline to apply for an AOC in Ireland – its Scandi rival, Norwegian Air, was granted a certificate for its subsidiary in Dublin three years ago.He nonetheless allows Robert the option of refusing the commands put to him.In turn, Robert's reply (no.3) employs the standard vocabulary used in exchanges between an inferior and a King, placing the name of the addressee above that of the letter's author, and addressing the King as 'Your Excellency' and 'Your Highness'.Anywhere there’s a meeting of airline bigwigs putting together a business plan, there’s a good chance an Irish person is sitting somewhere at the boardroom table.As noted in the Diary entry for 3-9 January 1216, the exchange of letters translated below shows the King in correspondence with Robert de Ros, one of the more prominent 'Northerners' amongst the twenty-five rebel barons named in Magna Carta.Let’s look at why foreign airlines are queuing to set up offices in Ireland. A company that operates commercial flights is required by law to hold a valid AOC from any national aviation authority.In Ireland’s case, the IAA is responsible for registering civil aircraft and approving AOCs." An element of prevarication can perhaps be assumed, both from the fact that Carlisle does not seem to have been surrendered immediately, as promised, and from the fact that, even after the King's progress through the far north of England, Robert is said to have remained one of the few northern barons with a castle still holding out against the King. Robert, and William his son, were issued with further safe conducts in April 1216: RLP, 175-6." He is to be found earlier, in late September 1215, serving as baronial keeper ('custos') of Yorkshire, charged by his fellow members of the twenty-five with the enforcement of commands to Brian de Lisle to surrender Knaresborough castle to the baronial sympathizer, Nicholas de Stuteville.


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