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The Generation Change podcast series, featuring young people making a difference all over the world, is a regular highlight on Pulse.

The Generation Change podcast series, featuring young people making a difference all over the world, is a regular highlight on Pulse.As we wrap up 2017 Pulse takes a look back at some of our favorite stories this year.With sound-rich radio packages, interviews, and studio discussions, Pulse digs deep into the issues facing today's youth, from unemployment and career choice to social media and relationships.

From Harare DW's Privilege Musvanhiri starts by telling me what he makes of that announcement On Pulse, this week: What young Zimbabwean think of Emmerson Mnangagwa presidency.

Are many of Africa’s problems associated with bad leadership?

After continuous frustrations and stress because she failed to get a job, Sandra decided to set up her own business, manufacturing Shea butter products, and thus create her own employment opportunity.

In Pulse this week, Uganda urges its youth to go back to the earth and embrace agriculture. Try to debunk some of the myths surrounding menstruation.

HIV/AIDS remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges.

Africa accounts for almost two-thirds of all new infections.In Ghana the fashion industry is growing, and more and more models from the north of the country are trying to break into the business.The community there is predominantly Muslim and so choosing to be a model is regarded as taboo.But because of the promise of money and stardom, it's not holding the young people back.Due to high unemployment among young people in Uganda, 27 year old Sandra Letio has lived by the old English adage of when the going gets tough the tough get going.This week on Pulse, breakdancing is more than just dance for a group of young people in Uganda. And, two men in Nairobi are breaking down stereotypes for people with albinism.All that and more on this jam-packed edition of Pulse with host Jessie Wingard.Eva de Vries visits two brave young business men with albinism in Nairobi.Fighting HIV means fighting stigma — we meet some young people in Uganda living with the virus doing just that.But one organisation, Clean Africa is trying to bring a change.For the past few years, its been organizing debates on Good Governance in various universities here in Germany so that the participants can get a clear picture of the continent.


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