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I would really like to thank all of my family and friends for keeping me positive through the whole process despite the nay-sayers. I will be traveling to Boston on Friday to give Glen James what he has so well deserved Once plans are official, I will explain how the money will be helping Glen in the future to change his life forever.

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He is working with a support group, which specifically deals with getting homeless people off the streets.

They are providing him an apartment and guidance on finances, job training, and dealing with everyday life.

The man said he found a black backpack that contained a large sum of money and a passport in the front of the store. The Good Samaritan could only provide officers with his name and the address of the shelter where he currently lives, Boston Police said.

Officers notified store security at the South Bay Mall about the backpack. It is just difficult to remain in consistent contact with Glen himself because he doesn't carry a cell phone or have any other way to communicate.

There really isn't much difference between homeless and non-homeless people as we would like to think, but you would only find that out if you couldn't make next months rent and truly have no where to go, but the streets...

More than anything I would like to thank every pedestrian stranger who gave me spare change. -Glen James ________________________ Maybe I'm wrong, but this story is much bigger than a man who found money and turned it in; its a true testament that there are amazing people in this world, and no matter what our background, what color our skin is, who we know, how much money we make, what political party were for; if we come TOGETHER and sincerely help each other, and can lean on each other in times of needs, we can create positive change like we have in Glen's life.

They will also provide help for other things such as medical assistance, visiting the doctor, well being, etc.

The New England Dental Group has also agreed to provide lifetime care to Glen, if he chooses.

It is truly remarkable what can happen when we put our heads together towards one common goal.

Although it's slowing down, the donations continue to come in on an hourly basis. It was a busy, but an extremely successful week last week.


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