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'Deal with it' As that old New Yorker cartoon puts it, "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog." But for some people, the opposite is true.If you truly believe that you're not human, people on the internet will probably be the first to know."A common one, including my own path, is that you've always known yourself to be different and usually had an affinity for an animal.

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It was important for not only us, but also everyone who’d been supporting us until this point.

After hearing the test pressing we all felt the album sounded massive on this particular format, so we asked the good folk at Rubyworks to put a ‘Play Loud’ sticker on it, because in truth that’s the best listening experience you can have with an album.

In the meantime, the band have released a new single off the album, “REACT”, available now.

OK was recorded in Ireland with David Prendergast, Jason Boland and the Otherkin lads at the boards.

This was comforting to put myself into another place.

Whether this is mental or spiritual, I don't really know."I guess I assumed everyone had that sort of a thing, where they felt as if they had a tail or as if they could move their ears more than the physical ears would move, or generally felt as if they weren't the same as their body." Many otherkin report feeling the sensation of phantom limbs or tails."I have a memory from about the age of 10, of looking out at the stars and wondering which one I came from, as I knew I 'wasn't from around here,'" said Sade Wolfkitten, who bonded with her ex-husband over a shared interest in a group called the Elf Queen's Daughters, an early community of elf-kin who emerged from the 1970s hippie movement.They are still namechecked on otherkin timelines and various commemorative websites.Wolfkitten came up through otherkin mailing lists in the early '90s, but, she added, "I stopped being active online a good 10 years ago.Adalen identifies as "not fully human." He has an affinity for dragons that dates back to early childhood."You'll usually see two different ways people begin to identify," Adalen explained to me in an email."I saw family in them, I saw protection and familiarity, and I saw an escape from what I was dealing with in my life." Plenty of kids are obsessive, but for Jessie, her love of wolves became a lifestyle and a spiritual experience, including "phantom shifts," or episodes where she felt the physical characteristics of being a wolf."I would prowl my room late at night as a wolf, usually when I was restless or agitated.It's not something she shares with her coworkers, but she's out to her close friends and boyfriend, and sometimes she wears a tail to the mall.She is a member of the "otherkin" community, a term used by people who identify as nonhuman, either in a spiritual sense or in terms of genuine physical dysphoria.


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