Please close cybergames network client before start updating

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However, most software vendors are sceptical about adopting this kind of a strategy because it is at odds with the industry's philosophy of charging a premium for every version update.

But without a change in approach, most professional application software will remain exorbitantly priced.

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Get all the help from the man himself— Agent 001 Looking for ■nor * Buying / Advice? Please keep this in mind before affecting any product purchase. This home device is said to handle almost everything that a typical PC user needs.

Computer users could actually end up paying more for the software than for the entire PC itself if they were to buy licensed copies of each piece of software.

Please close cybergames network client before start updating

Requesting someone else to make a copy is clearly the easier and more frequently exercised option.Unlike hardware, games and even music CDs, which have become considerably cheaper over the years, software seems only to have grown more expensive.The latest version of M icrosoft Office, for instance, costs a lot more than its predecessor.But most software vendors claim that the pricing for their software is fair and complain about the enormous loss of revenue they suffer due to piracy.While software companies look for ways to protect their software from being copied, they need to be aware that as long as prices are beyond the reach of the average computer user, piracy will continue to exist.We'd love to hear from you at [email protected] about your missing copy? If you are a winner and are interested in ordering article reprints or using our logos, contact [email protected] ADVERTISERS ' INDEX CLIENT PAGE Aditya Infotech Inside Back Cover Base Corporation . Researchers at Mayo clinic in Minnesota in the US have developed a high-definition ther- mal imaging camera which scans the face of the person who's being interrogated.It has been proved that when people lie, blood tends to rush to the eye area.Pillai, Shyam Shirsekar, Jaya Shetty, Solomon Lewis, Ashwin Boricha, Mahesh Benkar, Ram Photographers Mexi Xavier, Jiten Gandhi Test Centre Head Marco D'Souza Deputy Head Hatim Kantawalla, Reviewers Aliasgar Pardawala, Yatish Suvarna, Mitul Mehta Co-ordinator Gautami Chalke Multimedia Co-ordinator V. 133 Creative 25 Elnova 106 Hindustan Times 101 Imation 23 Intel 4,5 Invensys . The Power- M acs had already made the move to LCD dis- plays earlier in 2001.Ravi Shankar Kabir Malkani, Jo-Ann Rodricks, Priyamvada K. Back Cover Karma 53 Kobian 15 Maxtor 93 Micro Star International . From Apple's perspec- tive this marks the death of the CRT display.K., Liu Ai Chin, Vaibhav Kapoor Media Studio Bimal Unnikrishnan, Priya Ramanathan, Afzal Mazgaonkar, Prasanth Uyyul Production General Manager Shivshankar Hiremath Circulation and Logistics Head Akhilesh Singh Marketing Brand Manager Louis D'Mello Marketing Manager Bhavesh Thakor Consumer Mktg Nabjeet Ganguli Head Audience Development Sarang Dash Customer Service Namita Shetty VP, Sales & Client Marketing Sandip Maiti Client Marketing Parag Prabhu Ad Sales support Rakesh Rana Cover Photo Colston Julian assisted by Bajirao Pawar Model Amrita Pednekar HEAD OFFICE: EDITORIAL, MARKETING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE Plot No D-222/2, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, Shirvane, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400 706 Phone: 022-7629191/9200 Fax: 022-7615225, 7629223/24 Printed and published by Jasu R. The new i Mac will be offered in 700 MHz and 800 MHz Pow- er PC G4 processor based ver- sions.Shah on behalf of Jasubhai Digital Media Pvt Ltd, 26 Maker Chambers VI, 2 nd Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, India. If you need assistance on any of these issues, contact our offices listed below or e-mail Customer Service at [email protected]: 9624-329229 (Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore) ® Get Featured PRODUCT TESTING Want your product reviewed by Digit? All the new variants have 32 M B n Vidia Ge Force2 MX graphics cards, five USB ports and a couple of Fire W ire ports.


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