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When I made this shot, just like every shot, I didn't think about any of these details. Balance means that after you've simplified the image as much as possible by getting closer and excluding as much as possible, that you move your camera around to make everything balanced in the frame. What draws us into a good image are the basic shapes, contrasts and colors that catch our eyes.I framed and fired this shot without conscious thought as others were getting out of a van and headed for it — I had almost no time to think even if I wanted to. Composition is all about the broad, underlying and most basic organization of the larger elements in your scene. Composition is the organization of elements within a frame that leads to the strongest, clearest, cleanest, simplest, most well-balanced and therefore best picture. (Canon SD880) It helps me keep adding to this site when you use these links to Adorama, Amazon, B&H, Calumet, Ritz, J&R and e Bay to get your goodies. Edward Weston said it best: "Composition is the strongest way of seeing." In a nutshell, composition is all about Simplification and EXclusion (SEX), then balancing what you've got.

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Random camera sex

All this junk makes perfect sense to you or me, but it makes no sense to the woman or anyone else who comes over. Like a dirty room, your photos always make sense to you, but they won't make sense to anyone else unless you clean them up first.Look at the simpler one, and then when you look at the slightly messier one, you'll see how much weaker is the first snap.SEX lesson top Framing is how you drop the photo's edges onto your composition.You need to organize the stuff within your image so it makes sense to every viewer who wasn't there with you at the scene, otherwise your photos will stink. When I compose, I'm not looking at the subject or details. The toilet isn't a toilet: it's a dark blob that balances against the row of pylons.To make a good photo, its composition needs to speak most strongly to our subconscious. It's what your subconscious pulls out of it all without thinking. We do by making sure that the biggest, broadest elements are arranged properly and by keeping everything as simple and direct as possible. I'm trying to defocus my eye and attention so that I only see basic forms and shapes, and then move these around to make the strongest possible statement. The row of pylons isn't a row of pylons: it's a swash that guides our eye from the bottom left up and into the photo.The best composition is the strongest way of seeing a subject.Framing is what you do by zooming in and out, by moving the camera up and down and left and right, and by rotating it to any angle, including vertical and horizontal.Moving an inch or two, I got this instead: Katie's 4th Birthday Party.(Canon 5D Mark III, EF 28-105mm USM II.) Can you see how much stronger is the slightly simpler image?Camera catalogs, just like furniture stores, like to lull you into thinking that all you have to do is buy the camera (or furniture), and everything will magically clean itself up for you.Most people set up in the most convenient spot and shoot away.


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