Reasons relationships fail dating

Either or both partners give in to outside pressures to pump the brakes on the relationship.This is one of the worst, and most avoidable reasons relationships fail.

Eventually, it passes, and you’ll find a new level of happiness IF you don’t breakup because your relationship has hit a temporary rough patch.

Having sex too early can ruin a relationship before it even gets started.

What we’ve come to find is that the long distance relationships that don’t end in breakups follow a few simple rules. Unequal sacrifice, not showing appreciation, no longer going on dates and doing nice things for each other all fall under this category.

As the saying goes: Continue to do what you did in the beginning if you want to keep her.

But really it’s just a natural part of relationships.

After being so head over heels in love, and frequently putting your feelings aside for your partner at the beginning of the relationship, each person in the relationship begins to re-establish their individuality and set boundaries.

We know we’ve finally found the one this time, we are happy and feel like this feeling will never end. We start to drift apart, arguments begin to happen more frequently, then the relationship is over.

At that very moment, we might be happy with the breakup.

Let’s start this list with one of the most common reasons… Often, people are just simply stubborn when they are wrong. So much negativity and damage to our relationships can be avoided if we learn the ability to accept and admit when we are wrong and apologize.

Instead, what we often do is let our egos get in the way. We don’t accept responsibility for the things we’ve done wrong, and we try to find an angle to make it the other person’s fault.


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