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about looks and profile pictures."Individuals that do well on Tinder are not necessarily the most attractive people in the room," says Dr Carbino.

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Ashoka Mukpo, Grace Choi, and Andrea Holley provided invaluable production assistance. Over the past decade, several horrific crimes like Jessica's murder have captured massive media attention and fueled widespread fears that children are at high risk of assault by repeat sex offenders.

We want to acknowledge our special gratitude to Patty Wetterling, Alisa Klein, Jim Rensel, Nancy Daley, Dr. Levenson for providing guidance and insights in helping us to shape the research and writing of this report. Politicians have responded with a series of laws, including the sex offender registration, community notification, and residency restriction laws that are the subject of this report.

" For the record, she doesn't, but she appreciated being asked. ' is a pet peeve, but "I don't like loads of compliments either - they make me feel awkward." When it comes to her own profile, she thinks that having a mix of photos is important - "one of me at work, one with my dog, with my horse, one with friends, and a selfie."Again, with these tweaks and adding in a quote from her favourite book, Jade says giving people conversation starters has seen success, and she chats to eight out of 10 matches.

"I like to see a bit about their life – a friendship group or a hobby," she says of men's profiles. "I want to give the right impression to attract the kind of guy I'm looking for."Time on Tinder: 2 years Matches a day: 5Number of first dates: 13 22, Sports student He always opens conversations by sending a GIF of a guy sweating.

She thinks the dolphin speaks for itself (something the non-emoji dolphin cannot do). Time on Tinder: 8 months Matches a day: 10 34, Gaming company director His biggest turn-off is girls who request a certain height in their bios. (He's 6ft4in, FYI.)Time on Tinder: 6 months Matches a day: 5Number of first dates: 15 27, Events company owner A date once slapped Tom after he said, "I've got you all figured out." He enjoyed it and continued seeing her for a couple of months.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank all of the survivors of sexual violence, former offenders and their families, social workers, advocates, law enforcement officials, and attorneys who shared their experiences and perspective with us for this report.She pulled out a box of toys and asked him to act out some scenes. Time on Tinder: 3 years, 7 months Matches a day: 4Number of first dates: 18 23, Fashion marketeer She's a big fan of geeky men.In fact, she was once wooed by a guy purely through the medium of sheep facts.We are especially grateful to those who trusted us with very painful and personal stories.Corinne Carey, former researcher for the US Program, undertook the original research for this report.In many states everyone who is required to register is included on the online registry.A growing number of states and municipalities have also prohibited registered offenders from living within a designated distance (typically 500 to 2,500 feet) of places where children gather-for example, schools, playgrounds, and daycare centers.Human Rights Watch appreciates the sense of concern and urgency that has prompted these laws.They reflect a deep public yearning for safety in a world that seems increasingly threatening.Even assuming some public safety benefit, however, the laws can be reformed to reduce their adverse effects without compromising that benefit.Registration laws should be narrowed in scope and duration.


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