Rrd files not updating cacti

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Calculations like 95th Percentile are particularly prone to this.

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The second is more likely, and is caused when the wrong RRA is used to generate the graph.

If your RRD files do not contain a MAX CF RRA, then this is approximated by RRDTool at graph creation time using the available data.

I have manually calculated the MAX values from the RRD files and know that the total of a recent peak is 242,409.

Below is a screen capture of the one-minute sample in the graph which shows a matching total.

When you zoom out, RRDTool will move from using the 1pdp-AVG RRA to using the 5pdp-AVG RRA, and so you will actually be graphing the maximum 5min average rather than the maximum sample.

The same problem hit me a long time back with Routers2, and the solution was to explicitly use the MAX CF RRA in the RRDTool commandline -- RRD1.4 also allows you to enforce the 'reduce' method to be MAX and enforce the granularity where necessary to avoid this problem.

IIRC (it was a while ago now) I ended up drawing an invisible line for the max value so I could get it to use the right set of data to generate the subsequent max value for a gprint.

_______________________________________________ rrd-users mailing list [hidden email] https://lists.oetiker.ch/cgi-bin/listinfo/rrd-users Thanks to both Simon and Steve for their responses.

You can get Cacti to show you the command it used to draw a graph - useful for debugging.

Also be aware that I've had "issues" getting Cacti to use the correct def.


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