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"Thirteen years and one day ago, I crossed paths with the guy on the left," Harris lovingly captioned an Instagram of Burtka and son Gideon. You're the best." Julianne Moore is an incredibly accomplished actress with tons of accolades to her name.

"Other times having a staycation and staying at a hotel down the street.

It just depends what vacation is." Natalie Portman is another star who has been in the entertainment industry since she was a child.

Because of the intense media scrutiny today's celebs are under, however, many of Hollywood's most famous stars have worked hard to keep their private lives and spouses out of the spotlight.

That's where these surprising celeb husbands come in.

(Witherspoon has two older kids — Ava Phillippe and Deacon Phillippe — with her first husband, actor Ryan Phillippe.) While they don't often publicly talk about their love or give relationship details, Witherspoon says Toth encourages her to work behind the camera. In fact, it was his appearance that initially caught Marguiles's attention. I feel bad because people objectify him and they're like 'Oh, your husband is so hot,'" the actress told Ellen Degeneres (via ).

"The truth is, he is unbelievably bright and smart and went to Harvard Law." The couple met many years ago at a dinner party.While Witherspoon is known for her acting credits — including winning an Academy Award in 2006 — Toth is a well-known Hollywood agent.The pair, according to , got married in 2011 and celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in March 2017.The couple, who tied the knot in 2008, pulls out the stops to keep the romance alive in their world with two kids. I think that's essential." And they try to have quiet down time together too.When asked if they still go on dates after several years of marriage, Alba beamed, "Yes! "I mean, even watching TV and making popcorn," Alba says of their favorite things to do together.But his partner, David Burtka, who is both an actor and chef, makes his life worth living.According to , the couple, who married in 2014 and have fraternal twins together, celebrated their 13th anniversary in early April 2017. The gifts are never ending (the guy on the right, e.g.) Happy anniversary @dbelicious.Perhaps because of all that spotlight, she is very low key and tight-lipped when it comes to her private life.It seems, these days, she rarely gives interviews and dodges questions about her kids and certainly her husband Benjamin Millepied. Millepied, who went on to become the director of the Paris Opera Ballet, choreographed many of the dance sequences in the ballet-driven film.Perhaps these little known men, who quietly stand behind their famous wives and husbands, are the secret to their successful unions. Months later, after a lengthy discussion on religion, Hermann invited her to church.But don't think for one minute these husbands are doormats. "I just about passed out when I saw him there," she said.


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