Sap s066 not updating

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How can I force the state and county fields to be updated on the screen even when one of the other fields in the chain is invalid? The tax jurisdiction field is called PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT.

"DV1K935780 FIELD: zsd_etm_contract-bill_to_party MODULE check_bill_to_party. FIELD zsd_etm_contract-payer MODULE check_payer_number.

Note that the State, County and City as well as the corresponding taxes are updated.

" CHG13225 DV1K939527 UPDATE Below is a screenshot that shows the screen when I initially provide the Tax Jurisdiction Code using the F4 option.

If the attributes without values are located in the key field of the Info Provider, they cannot be loaded subsequently.

In this case, you have to delete the request and load it again.

V3-: These are reserved by SAP and used for BW Updates, Logistics Updates.

PROCESS FLOW-: VBHDR-: Update Header VBDATA-: Update Data VBMOD-: Update Modules VBERROR-: Update Errors And once it is committed then however the task to update which can be displayed SM13 5.

Note that the State, County and City as well as the corresponding taxes have remained the same.

In the below image I have changed the tax jurisdiction manually by typing in a new value, then pressed ENTER.


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