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Mike got up and came back with a plastic container with the brownies in them."OK I'll take one and then I'm leaving, you'll have to drive..." I looked at how drunk she was.

So we hung out and Jessi got a couple of beers out of the fridge, now I have to say, I don't smoke, don't do drugs or drink for that matter, but I said to myself "You know what Stephanie?

You're fucking eighteen, take one, no, hell, take two!

We had lasagna, my favorite, which was by the way a coincidence, there were having that for dinner, and then we had some cake with my friends singing happy birthday to me, I was full, and I mean FULL!

But that's when Michael took his "special" recipe out that he only cooked himself... I was full but when I saw that, I wanted some but decided to wait it out a little.

" And so I did, and felt a little buzz from those two beers I drank but tried to hide it from them because I was afraid they'd laugh at me...

They, on the other hand, drank a lot more than just two, they drank five each. It was getting late, it was already eleven and I needed to go, since my mom was getting back at midnight and she'd freak out if she saw I wasn't home. "Well I need to go, my mom will expect me to be home at midnight." Jessica took my arm and yanked me back on the couch of the living room where we were sitting.

I was becoming an adult, a woman, finally, and I was sure she had the biggest surprise aside for me...

Come the day before my birthday, my mom tells me she has plans for the next day with David (My mom's boy toy) and that I'll have to fend for myself coming the day of my birthday, I tried to argue with her and let her understand I was trying to spend time with her on my birthday and that I was so looking forward to it but she just dismissed it and promised she'd make it up to me... "My mom's gone with that fucker David" And yes, I did keep all the bad words inside, believe me. " And no, she never kept anything inside, maybe that's why I loved her so much, if she had something to say, she'd say it, no matter what.

My name is Stephanie, as I mentioned before, I am eighteen years old, I have long straight black hair, don't call me a brunette though cuz it annoys me, it's black, not brown, with sparkly blue eyes... But something unexpected happened on my birthday that changed my point of view on... I guess my mom wanted a "boy toy" or something, 'cause he ain't worth a shit!

People usually make fun of my height, when you're only five foot two, it's bound to happen I guess, and I am a mesely one hundred and ten pounds and on my birthday I was... But enough about him, he ain't important, and it's me I want to talk about anyway.


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