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Curiously, the Windows 7 SP1 convenience rollup will be made available via Windows Update.Instead, you must download it manually from Microsoft’s Windows Update Catalog and install it as a standalone update.Then, you can visit Windows Update to install any additional updates.

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With consistent and excellent content, building trust and expanding your reach will naturally follow.It’s a one time fee that is the value of four new songs were less (thanks to new pricing in i Tunes) and it that it is a bargain.A link to our initial review and to the software can be found HERE.“Install this one update,” Mercer says, “and then you only need new updates released after April 2016.” What a concept. Since then, Microsoft has delivered several hundred updates for Windows 7, and anyone clean installing Windows 7 today needs to spend an entire day installing those updates across multiple reboots. But wait, there’s the convenience rollup at the same time, saving literally a day of additional installs.It’s an arduous and completely unnecessary process. You can learn more about slipstreaming the convenience rollup into Windows 7 SP1 install media at the Microsoft web site.(While I don’t love needing to have additional software run on my i Mac in order to use an i Phone app, in this case it seemed worthwhile.) I logged into my account on my i Mac so that the software/server could run, and logged into the application on my i Phone using the same credentials. Before I knew it my entire i Tunes library showed up on my i Phone.For a few minutes the service indicated it was updating and indexing my large i Tunes library. Better still, I could select by song, artist, album, or playlist.I’ll bring up some Windows 7 PCs this week to make sure that’s the case.A site's "similarity" is determined by how well its tag signature matches the tag signature that is being searched for.While the update itself was just a bug update and didn’t add any new functionality, seeing the update reminded me of this wonderful service that, for some reason, I had removed from my i Phone a few months ago.I reinstalled the software on both my i Phone and my i Mac.


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