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While many single people yearn to be in a relationship, there’s something to be said about doing it alone.

Lastly, it is important to work on managing your own emotions. If you find you’re constantly reacting based on how you feel in the moment, then it’s important to take a step back and develop a practice to calm yourself before acting.According to Harvey women “don’t even enjoy the hunt,” but men “hunt all day” until they find what they want.RELATED: Sarah Jakes On The Moment She Knew Pastor Touré Roberts Was Her Soul Mate While some women may balk at Harvey’s no-holds-barred advice, he did tell single women what they could do to improve their chance at love. You have the ability to attract a man, and you already know how to do that,” he said, explaining women shouldn’t be actively on the prowl for a man.“For me, it connects to a very deep-seated belief within a patriarchal system,” she explains.“If you’re a woman, the system actually owns your private life; the system has an opinion on your decisions; the system has a verdict on how you have sex and who you have sex with, and anything in between. I get really pissed about it, because it’s only my business.” Yet, while she might not like the media attention, the star said that she wasn’t about to go on Twitter and clear up any rumors about herself that are circulating.This vicious cycle will cause you to be even more emotionally attached to one person and put a major strain on your relationship.By basing your decisions on emotion you become reactionary.You can open your heart to a man that wants to be with you fully.Just remember, during those first few months of dating to give enough space and not allow yourself to dive in out of fear of loosing the person.Worse off, you’ll have a tendency to seek men where you can recreate those childhood moments… You’ll subconsciously attract men who don’t give themselves fully, you’ll seek their approval, become dependent on it, and begin to feed off of it.You need to realize, that you’re no longer a helpless child.


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