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The most well-known finds include the oldest female statue made of mammoth-bone (22,800 BCE), the famous Venus of Moravany.

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If travelling on Tatra Electric Railways and Cog Railway (routes Štrba - Štrbské Pleso, Poprad-Tatry - Štrbské Pleso and Starý Smokovec - Tatranská Lomnica) or on the line Žilina - Rajec, no zero-fare ticket is needed (it is sufficient to present the customer card for zero-fare transport).

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Numerous necklaces made of shells from Cypraca thermophile gastropods of the Tertiary period have come from the sites of Zákovská, Podkovice, Hubina, and Radošina.

These findings provide the most ancient evidence of commercial exchanges carried out between the Mediterranean and central Europe.

The Bronze Age in the geographical territory of modern-day Slovakia went through three stages of development, stretching from 2000 to 800 BCE.

Major cultural, economic, and political development can be attributed to the significant growth in production of copper, especially in central Slovakia (for example in Špania Dolina) and northwest Slovakia.By the year 2000, IN TIME became a classic courier company.With the course of time, the organizational structure of IN TIME created a department that was responsible for international shipment, transportation, customs clearance, and delivery of parcels within Slovakia.A Palindrome Day happens when the day’s date can be read the same way backwards and forwards.The dates are similar to word palindromes in that they are reversible.It is bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, the Czech Republic to the west, Hungary to the south, and Austria to the southwest.Slovakia's territory spans about 49,000 square kilometres (19,000 sq mi) and is mostly mountainous. The Slavs arrived in the territory of present-day Slovakia in the 5th and 6th centuries.In the local market, we specialize for delivery of parcels to individuals (it is convenient for internet shops and mail order houses).As IN TIME and Slovak Parcel Service are affiliates, all centers are listed under the heading of Slovak Parcel Service, however, they serve also as local IN TIME branches for mailing and delivery of shipments.Slovakia is also a member of the Schengen Area, NATO, the United Nations, the OECD, the WTO, CERN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the Visegrád Group.Although regional income inequality is high, 90% of citizens own their homes.


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