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My husband can see the difference and likes the results so far…I look forward for the next 3 weeks.” Donna R, Phoenix I Have More Energy “I started to go to Vitality Med Spa about a month ago for the MIC shots.I have had them at … and the quality at Vitality is much better.I’ll just go back to a life of oppression- nothing is more important than your convenience.” It’s pretty hard to fit “Equality Now! I get paid for some of my speaking and writing (and do both on a sliding scale to keep it affordable), but a lot of the work I do isn’t paid so member support makes it possible (and let me just give a huge THANK YOU to my members, I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support!

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Not only do I look better, but, I also feel so much healthier.

I am in better shape, eat healthier and have never been happier.

The results are immediate and I have kept the 30 pounds off for over 6 months. I feel healthier and have completely changed the way I diet.

I think that if someone feels inconvenienced because another person achieves equality, then the first person was most likely benefiting from the inequality. The truth is that we’re not inconvenient, we’re inconvenienced – grossly, sometimes life-threateningly, inconvenienced – and we have every right to !

It does not follow that the person who was unequal should say “Sorry dude, my bad. For ten bucks a month you can support size diversity activism, help keep the blog ad free, and get deals from size positive businesses as a thank you. I get hundreds of requests a day (not including hatemail) from academic to deeply personal.


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