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“I’d change a few things and then see how that affected the match percentage.I’d find that some questions counted for ten times as much as others, depending on whether you said a question was very important to you.

“I answered questions on both sides, and saw how the match was calculated,” recalls Christoph.But it wasn’t exactly about landing a ton of dates.It was about developing a red-hot match-making algorithm for our events. “Pioneers - especially the co-founders - had always been great at connecting the right people with each other,” says former project member Christoph Schnedlitz. We wanted to take this to the next level with an automated system in time for Pioneers Festival 2015.“We had to define how important questions about geography, ticket size and so on should be in determining the match.We had to make sure the system asked the right questions, and that it would provide the right kind of answers to choose from.” Finally we came up with 12 criteria, built our ‘innovation dating’ algorithm, and Match & Meet was born in time for Pioneers Festival 2015.After all, we did have a lot of data, particularly for startups.” In pursuit of a digital tool that would ensure investors would meet startups that ticked their boxes (and vice versa), we realised that dating sites would be our best guide.Ok Cupid were setting trends with their scientific match-making system, made famous by the guy who hacked it to make himself top match with thousands of women. And it wasn’t just about how you answered them - it was about how you wanted your to answer them too.Or just startups in the health sector, for example.Geographic location is very important for some investors, especially angels.When it’s really important to you it has to have more weight in the match percentage.So we reverse-engineered how they calculated a match percentage.” Then, it was a question of trying to apply some of those guiding principles to the system we were developing at Pioneers.


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