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We took a screen shot of just a few of the messages we have received.Are we to assume the messages we're receiving are "automatic messages generated by their algorithm"?

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As you can see we haven't uploaded a single profile pic to this investigation.

We left as much personal info as possible blank but still we are getting bombarded with messages from Ukraine women, why?

How logical is it to contact a person who doesn't have any type of information in his dating profile?

But for some magical reason the women on Victoria are drawn to our profile?

Don't you think that they would continue using that same type of software to send automated "likes" and automated "profile views"? After investigating and reviewing hundreds of dating sites there is huge likely hood that the bots are used in all aspects of this web site to make appear as if Ukraine women are "viewing your profile", and "liking you" and they already admit they send their members "automatic messages".

Since they already state the use automatic messages then everything being automated is just common sense, in our opinion.We would strong suggest that is exactly what's going on in this investigation.Automated messages sent from computer software bots makes perfect sense especially since we have already pointed out that our profile is blank.The only women interested in emailing us would have to automated messages that are NOT sent by female members but instead by bots.(Email sent to us saying that "Daria" liked our profile.Isn't that a red flag that something isn't right?From our investigation the main reason sites like Victoria use automated messages is to entice and lure free members to upgrade and purchase credits.In the end it was always a scam and the profiles were always fake.One of the main reasons that dating sites create profiles is to make it appear as if there are thousands of attractive looking women seeking to hook up with you when the truth is all the profiles have been created and maintained by the staff of that particular dating site.If you have no clue that you are receiving automated emails from a computer bot you would most likely think it's a Ukraine girl contacting you.But you need to buy credits to contact her so you must pay to converse with women on the site.


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