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Point Three Romans chapter one is clearly dealing with God’s wrath being poured out on a group of unspecified Gentiles who were participating in idolatrous worship, were haters of God, knew God but did not glorify Him as God, and who were full of fornication, wickedness, envy, murder, and pride.

Does this accurately describe our family and church members who are homosexual?

Arsenokoites may accurately be interpreted as Sodomite which, historically, refers to a person who indulges in violent, idolatrous, and pagan practices. It appears that an ill-rooted prejudice against homosexuals has strongly influenced modern translations of the Bible which, in turn, has contributed to the all too common practice of assigning second-rate status to homosexual believers.

This is most frequently evidenced by the slanderous from-the-pulpit-name-calling practiced by many preachers in many churches. Point Five We need to honestly acknowledge that though there are individuals in churches across the country who claim they are “ex-homosexual,” many of them will, in private conversation, admit to having homosexual thoughts and feelings.

In fact, prior to the use of the word homosexual by the NASB translation in 1963, the word malakos had been translated as male sex slave (Vulgate), sexual perverts (RSV), and people with infamous habits (Jerusalem Bible).

The word malakos is literally translated as “soft ones” which Strong’s identifies as being of “uncertain affinity” and which would more accurately be defined as catamite or male temple cult prostitute. D.) interpreted arsenokoites as “the purchased male sex slaves of men.” I think all Christians would agree (even those who are homosexual) that prostitution and violent sex acts, whether heterosexual or homosexual in nature, do not reflect Christ-like behavior.

If the Christian Church is going to cite Levitical Law as a mandate against homosexuality it must also prohibit the eating of pork, shrimp, and lobster (-12); the planting of two kinds of seed in the field (); wearing mixed fabrics (); eating rare meat (); and women leaving their homes during menstruation ( ).

The Christian Church would also be required to keep a traditional seventh day Sabbath (23:3).

I fear for those who, on judgment day, will be required to give an account for those members of their congregation who have suffered homelessness, disease, and addiction simply because the church was unwilling to offer them the same support they offered the heterosexuals in their Church community.

Point Six Citing the fact that there is “no evidence that someone is born with a gay gene” is not only a misguided thought process but a scientifically unsound one as well.


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