Updating a concrete bird bath

The trip from Fort Dix to Baltimore lasted approximately three hours.

It had occurred to me that it was the first time in eight weeks that I actually was sitting in a relatively comfortable seat. True, one sits in training rooms and in the mess hall, but those chairs are built for function, not for comfort.

A clear coat must be used on acrylic dyes to protect the color.

Image courtesy of Concrete Often used in garages to protect and beautify floors, epoxy coatings have come a long way.

He was wearing the white MP helmet and a black MP armband. You look like you could use some help with that bag.” I was speechless. You only have to wear your uniform during duty hours. A few hours later, I found myself back on the Greyhound bus, this time heading north.

Updating a concrete bird bath

His trousers were bloused over his spit-shined airborne boots, and he wore a 45 semi-automatic sidearm. I could only nod my head in the affirmative, something that would have unleashed a torrent of invective from a drill sergeant about the importance of “sounding off like you got a pair! Unless you have some kind of extra duty, civilian clothes are fine around here after duty.” This cannot be. I sprinted to a pay phone to call my family and girlfriend to breathlessly tell them I was coming home. I wondered how the cosmic cards fell such that I ended up being selected by be trained as an interrogator.

Image courtesy of Concrete Concrete stencils create a unique decorative accent that adds a focal point to a pool, patio or driveway.

They can be colored and layered with a wide variety of designs.

With concrete dye, it's difficult to achieve the depth of color that acid staining offers, but it's a fairly inexpensive process, and the ease of application can reduce labor costs.

Concrete dye is also able to hide imperfections to some degree.


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