Updating dreambox via blue panel

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Most steps in this article also applies to any other DVB satellite/terrestrial television receiver running Enigma2 like the VU Plus (VU ) devices.

Aligning the dish(es) is beyond the scope of this article.

Setting the address and subnet mask of your network interface is done using DHCP.

Read at the end of this article how to backup this configuration.

After this step the new software is running in your Dreambox.

There is now a file called vlcf_in /var/tuxbox/config/.

It opens the possibility to configure more than one streaming server (up to 4) using only this one config file as opposed to changing config-files on earlier versions of VLCF.In the dropdown list, select the xml file you created earlier, movieplayer_My_ You will now be told to restart VLC Frontend; do this by using the exit button until you are back at the plugins page. This guide will explain you how to update the firmware/image of the Dreambox (7025 ).How to install VLCf (VLC Frontend) - Press Blue button - Choose Addons(2) - Confirm option Gemini-server - Search for Plugins - Install VLCF (currently is VLC-Final RC15 23.09.2k7) Now, the front end is installed and almost ready to use.We still have nothing that can feed the frontend, so first we must create an xml file for the frontend to use: Use a unix compatible editor, like Ultra Edit, edit lines 4 and 5.Update for latest version of VLC Frontend VLCF-Final This new VLC Frontend works slightly different.It is downloaded and installed in the same way as the earlier versions, but configuring it is a bit more easy.However, this article is assuming you are upgrading a Dreambox 7025 Actions are preceded with either @Workstation or @Dreambox to tell you where the action has to be performed.After the slash (/) the application to use is mentioned.Sources I have used: First we need to get a plugin called VLC Front End installed on the dreambox, it might already be there; check under blue panel - plugins.If it is not there, install it by doing the following.


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