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But there is a point beyond which you can spend more on materials than you’ll recoup in lower energy bills.In that case, you would close off all exterior vents except those needed for combustion air or exhaust.Though floor insulation is more common, wall insulation has many advantages, including cost—it takes about a third less material to insulate the walls of a 36-by-48-foot basement as to insulate the subfloor above.If your walls already have some insulation, you probably can’t add more without tearing into the drywall or plaster.That’s not cost effective unless you’re remodeling, so the best strategy may be to wait until you need to replace siding.So besides insulating the top and sides of your house, you also need to insulate the bottom, where as much as 30% of energy loss can occur.As with the attic, you have two choices: Insulate under the bottom floor and treat the crawl space or basement as outdoor space, or insulate the walls and treat the area as indoor space.Even if you live in an older home, there’s no reason you need to shiver through the winter or roast in the summer.If your house doesn’t have enough insulation — common in homes built before 1980, when energy awareness began to take hold — bringing it up to current standards will make it more comfortable all year long.The tipping point varies depending on where you live.Consult the Department of Energy’s zip-code specific recommendations for the right amount of insulation for your climate.


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