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You need to check your Rules Wizard rules to make sure they're still moving data into the right folders.

Easy Transfer (WET) can be used to backup and move the profiles and pst files to a new computer however, using profiles moved with WET may have a broken address book. Along with your profile, you'll find all of the Options in the registry, in the following locations (14.0 is Outlook 2010): - This key will only exist if you have certain policies enabled. Outlook 2016: 16.0 You can use a simple batch file to export your registry keys.

For this reason, we recommend making a new profile after using WET to move files to a new computer. You can run the task scheduler using an Outlook macro or set it up in Task Scheduler.

Paste the following line into a new Note Pad file (change the version number if necessary) and save it with the extension REG EXPORT "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\​Software\​Microsoft\​Office\​15.0\​Outlook" "C:\​Users\​Diane\​My Box Files\​Outlook-options.reg" /y Backup and restore Outlook data files, interface options, and settings.

Backup and restore operations can be run from the command line, with your favorite Windows scheduling program for unattended operation. Back Rex Outlook Backup is a backup and restore tool for Microsoft Outlook.

All of your critical Outlook control files are included in the backup - Signatures, Stationery, Wizard Rules, etc are preserved for easy recovery.

Out Back Plus allows you to restore the backup data to the same or another machine.Unless specified, the utilities listed in the Tools sections will backup the entire profile: PST, Signatures and all other files associated with the profile as well as all personal settings stored in the registry.Many will also back up other personal files and settings.If you try to locate a PST file with Start | Find on a Windows system, you need to be aware that Windows treats PST files as hidden files.In Windows Explorer, use Tools | Folder Options | View to make sure that hidden files are shown.Files used by the Outlook Connector cannot be moved using these methods.Notes | More Information It is possible to repoint the folder or file using symbolic links or junction points.For information backing up PST and other files, see Outlook and Exchange/Windows Messaging Backup and Dual-Boot.This page is specific to email accounts and personal settings (i.e., Tools, Options settings).Automatic reminder to backup after a set number of days - according to your needs.Works with all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2010 32- and 64-bit. The Personal Folders Backup download creates backup copies of your .


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