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A year ago I would never have considered running, say, Next Cloud on Fedora - if only because of its rapid release cycle - but now I am not so sure.

The latest release of the Workstation edition is interesting for a few reasons.

Welcome to this year's 20th issue of Distro Watch Weekly!

Last week we talked briefly about the launch of Fedora 28 and some of its new features.

This week we begin with a review of Fedora, the distribution's Flatpak support and the GNOME 3.28 desktop environment in our Feature Story.

In our News section we talk about Ubuntu Studio working around dependency conflicts and Debian supplying the foundation for GNU/Linux compatibility in Chrome OS.Other than that Anaconda is still Anaconda: it works and it is quite fast, but the partitioning is scary.The first thing I noticed after I had created my user account was that the GNOME login screen didn't give me the option to use Xorg rather than Wayland.Installation and first impressions Fedora's Anaconda installer has seen some changes.The Btr file system is no longer available and the default file system is ext4 - I think this used to be XFS, but I could be wrong.If you are running an older version of Fedora then you can upgrade your install via the software centre or the DNF package manager.The latest Fedora ships with version 4.17 of the Linux kernel (a release candidate - the latest stable kernel at the time of the release was 4.16.8) and the latest version of systemd (version 238).User accounts are now created when you first boot into your system and there is no longer an option to set a root password.If you prefer using su rather than sudo, you can run "sudo su" in a terminal window and then "passwd root" to set a root password.In this week's Opinion Poll we talk about the various approaches distributions are taking to improve package updates and ask which one suits your needs best. News: Ubuntu Studio works around dependency issue, Debian compatibility coming to Chrome OS, details on UBports running on the Librem 5, Solyd XK migrating its domain, Canonical purges malware from Snap repository I should start my review with a disclaimer.I have been using Fedora with the GNOME desktop as my daily driver for about two years.


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