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When the user sets up Outlook to connect to the Exchange Online mailbox, they are prompted to authenticate via the Microsoft Authenticator app.Again I am using the same security group that is used to assign my Intune licenses.The policy assignment doesn't take effect until the device or application checks in.Outlook starts working after the device is registered successfully via Teams).At this stage we've solved part of the original problem.Users are prevented from accessing Exchange Online or Share Point Online using unmanaged apps such as the native mail app on i OS, and instead are required to use managed apps like Outlook, One Drive, Teams and so on.However, the user can still access Dropbox from within the Outlook app.Embracing a BYOD strategy is usually a good thing for your users and your company, but it also creates some concerns about the devices and applications that are being used to access corporate data.To demonstrate the type of issues that arise I've connected an i Pad to a user's Exchange Online mailbox by setting up an account using the native email app on i OS.As you can see it is possible to use Intune mobile application management to prevent corporate data from leaking when it is accessed by users on personal devices.These features do require an Intune license for the user, but do not require the user to enrol their personal device for full MDM, which is often more appealing to them as they don't need to allow total control over the device by corporate IT.


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