Validating multiple email addresses

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The email validation will not actually confirm that the email address entered is valid, rather these fields check to be sure both email addresses match and that they contain domain data (@ and .com, .net, .org, etc.). With our subscription service you can easily upload and validate your entire email list at once, with a couple of clicks: you'll get a detailed report of your results quickly.If its not a valid email address, the input will appear with a red border as shown below: If the user proceeds to click the submit button without changing the email provided, the form will not submit and a tooltip will appear showing the error message on the input.

However , on submission, an error message appears with a tooltip providing a clue to what the user should provide.

If you want to provide a custom error message to the user, yon can use the title attribute: The email input type is widely supported in all modern browsers.

When you’re handling data submitted on the server side, be sure to validate the data yourself before accepting it.

On Android and IOS platforms, the keyboard will automatically include the @ and .

With our Real-Time Email Verification API and Bulk Email List Cleaning services you can easily clean up existing email lists or verify if an email address entered into a registration form on your website really exists and can receive emails.

For each email address you get a detailed validation result with the exact deliverability status.

A clean mailing list is essential to your email marketing success.

Your email sender reputation - the number of bounces, spam complaints and spam trap hits caused by your mailings - is responsible in 83% of all cases where email does not reach the inbox.

Check the table below for the minimum version supported.

IE 10.0 Fire Fox 4.0 Chrome 10.0 Opera 11.0 Safari 4.0For browser support details, see: Can I Use email input type Generally, if the browser version in use does not support this input type, an input type text will be shown instead.


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