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In a complementary fashion, the broader survey methods developed in Georgia will be used to extend regional reconnaissance around Politiko-Troullia, thus developing mutually beneficial, data-rich models that will enable comparative analyses of long-term population movements and cultural landscape dynamics in Georgia and Cyprus.Lead investigator: Professor Helen Lee Tongans in Mildura and Robinvale have different visa statuses, including Australian citizenship, permanent residence and temporary work visa, in addition to some visa 'overstayers'.The aim is to reconstruct the landscape (geology, ecology) of South Africa in detail between 2.3 and 1.9 million years for the first time and help understand this changing world and the processes that drove our evolutionary history, including the extinction of a number of species.

Lead investigator: Doctor Raelene Wilding School of Social Sciences and Communications This project examines the settlement experience of the Karen in Bendigo.

They are a growing refugee-background community, who make significant positive contributions to their new home city as well as simultaneously sustaining links with Karen living in refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border and resettled elsewhere in Australia and around the world.

The project will also document the uniqueness of the greater South African fossil record versus the better studied East African record and address the complex origin of our genus, Homo, from a pan-African perspective.

Lead investigator: Dr Jessie Birkett-Rees Co-investigators: Professor Steve Falconer and Professor Patricia Fall This research will enable systematic surveys of ancient settlements and agricultural remains (especially stone terrace wall systems) for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-based modelling of ancient agrarian landscapes in Cyprus and Georgia.

The first step is bringing La Trobe scholars from across the faculties into dialogue with regional, national and international experts in mobilities research. public lectures, master classes, seminars and research planning sessions) will be hosted within the Murray Darling Region to create opportunities for collaboration, identify research problems and produce innovative approaches to seeking funding and applying expertise to addressing those problems.

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Invited participants will include Higher Degree by Research students, multidisciplinary research teams and non-University stakeholders in local government and regional agencies.

Semi-structured interviews are currently being conducted with retirement migrants residing in six diverse rural communities, located in peri-urban, agricultural and amenity settings.

Findings will explore the motivations of rural retirement migrants to undertake placemaking activities within their communities, and the types of activities that they subsequently undertake.

To what extent do local and non-local social fields compete with or complement each other in the experience of settlement, and with what effects?

An exploration of the arrival, reception and engagement of the Karen in Bendigo presents a useful opportunity for considering important questions about migration, settlement, belonging and identity in a mobile world.


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